What do we mean by an open web?

Open Web is the part of the internet that is accessible to all.

It is open.

It is not controlled by private companies’ technology, not restricted by their terms and conditions, not designed to fuel their own profitability. As such it creates an environment in which businesses and other users that rely on the internet for their livelihoods, that wish to grow their profits and develop, can operate freely and compete with one another entirely based on the merits of their proposition, not according to their size and their degree of control over internet access software. 

How is the Open Web threatened?

Increasingly, a small number of giant tech corporations have been able to deploy their proprietary technology to ensure that access to the web is on their terms.

They’ve come to dominate and manipulate what should be an open web, stifling competition and threatening the existence of other businesses and organisations. As these corporations grow ever more profitable and powerful their stranglehold becomes even tighter, and thus the existential danger increases. 

What do we want? 

Very simply, we want an open web, we want the web to be freely accessible to all, without restriction, without having to use someone else’s technology, without having to play by conditions set by giant tech corporations that benefit only them.

Instead of an imbalanced, monopolistic situation that exists at present, and is heightening all the time, we wish to see the web restored to a level playing field, where no one corporation or a small number of corporations can dominate and exercise control, adding to their already vast profits.

Our Mission

Who we are and why join?

MOW was established by a group of businesses that care deeply about the future of the World Wide Web. 

They’re concerned that the principles that underpinned its foundations are being forgotten and their freedom to operate threatened. They want others to be able to do the same and for governments, media and regulators to recognise that the Open Web must be protected. Regulators should determine what is right, how the internet should be controlled. Trillion-dollar corporations do not decide what is right. To pursue what is a David versus Goliath struggle we require your support, so join us in this vital cause, one that affects the future prosperity of the many not the few.

We believe the majority of these interests are compatible with each other in ensuring people have their rights protected and receive better products, which is advanced through free market competition.

We estimate that our supporters work with more than 21,000 advertisers and nearly 6 million individual websites in more than 65 countries, jointly serving over 320 billion advertising impressions each year, and having over 63 million subscribers.  The companies have a combined workforce of over 40,000 employees and combined revenues in excess of $40bn.

Join us.

We regularly update our news page and release a weekly news letter offering our take on the latest regulatory developments.

To become a MOW member, please email [email protected]

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Supporting a trusted, accessible, accountable web of choice

Promoting competition for the benefit of consumers
Ensuring the enormous benefits of the web are open and accessible to all
Creating a level playing field for all businesses to compete on the merits
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