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Beware Black Friday offers – read the small print

Today’s announcement that the UK Competition and Markets Authority will be holding a public consultation on commitments given by Google regarding its planned browser changes is a positive step, says Movement for an Open Web.

The campaigning organisation, made up of businesses pushing back against Big Tech’s increasing grip on the world wide web, has made submissions to, and been working with, the CMA to try and make Google soften its proposals.

However, MOW believes it is too early to assess the detail and likely impact of Google’s new commitments which are contained in a 125-page document from the CMA. Timothy Cowen, MOW’s legal advisor and chair of the antitrust practice at Preiskel & Co LLP, said: “We will be looking closely at these commitments – like any Black Friday offer they may be good but they may also be too good to be true.”

James Rosewell, founder and director of MOW, said: “Should the commitments avoid the need for an injunction to prevent the digital market being controlled by trillion-dollar US companies then we would welcome them.”

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