Daily Mail: Tech group lodges EU complaint over Google’s ‘anticompetitive’ Privacy Sandbox

Movement for an Open Web (MOW), an alliance of technology businesses, advertisers, and publishers, has submitted a formal complaint to the European Commission in relation to Google’s proposed changes to its Chrome browser (its ‘Privacy Sandbox’). 

Google’s proposals will have a dramatic effect on advertisers’ ability to operate on Chrome: instead of advertisers being able to use third-party cookies to track users’ cross-site browsing activity, Google will split users into cohorts to ‘protect user privacy’. 

However, MOW claims that this will adversely affect competition by reducing the amount of information on users available to Google’s competitors. The changes will not only affect advertisers, but also businesses involved in fraud detection, data services, analytics etc as other fundamental building blocks of the internet are removed. 

MOW has petitioned the Commission to implement a certified compliance programme as a remedy to the issue, alongside regular qualitative reviews and oversight by data protection authorities. 

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