Press Release

EU set to announce workshops to discuss “gatekeeper” compliance with the Digital Markets Act

As MOW readers will likely be aware, the EU council recently adopted the Digital Markets Act, a flagship piece of competition regulation which aims at ensuring “contestable and fair digital markets” by imposing conduct obligations on providers of core platform services. The broad purpose of these obligations are to prevent so-called “gatekeepers”, defined by number of EU monthly end users (45 million plus) and business users (10,000 plus), from unfairly promoting their own services over their competitors. 

Following a request for third party views, we have managed to get each company access to the Commission’s Technical Working group consulting on gatekeeper compliance with DMA obligations. The EU is looking to gauge any areas of concern where large technology companies are engaged in competitive discrimination. This could cover data handling restrictions and other areas where platforms harm competition. A full timetable and programme is yet to be announced by the Commission and so, in the interest of setting the agenda, we are canvassing member opinions, which can be passed on confidentially using MOW’s corporate personality. Please do be in touch at

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