Next DMA workshop to be held on May 5th

As MOW readers will likely be aware, the European Commission is currently hosting compliance workshops on the Digital Markets Act, a flagship piece of competition regulation which aims at ensuring “contestable and fair digital markets” by imposing conduct obligations on providers of core platform services.

It was announced last Thursday that the next workshop will be held on May 5th.

The focus of these discussions will be on effective compliance with the provisions related to the processing of data, the combination and cross-use of personal data by gatekeepers, the use of non-publicly available data of business users, and data portability. For more information please see the following link: DMA workshop – The DMA and data-related obligations (

This is, in MOW’s view, a hugely important element of the Digital Markets Act. Indeed, the current ability of the large platforms to gather huge pools of user data and restrict other online services from doing the same, is crucial to their market power.

Any attempt redress imbalances in digital economies must consider its root cause, the unevenness in the market for data.

The agenda, together with the list of speakers will be published shortly. Please register by following this link: EUSurvey – Survey ( The registration deadline for in-person attendance is Sunday 23 April at 23:59 (Brussels time), and the deadline for online attendance is Wednesday 3 May at 18:00 (Brussels time).