WSJ Video: How Apple and Google formed one of tech’s most powerful partnerships

Google and Apple might, in theory, look like two juggernauts vying for supremacy, offering seemingly competing products in computing, mobile phones, browsers and much, much more.

But the reality is very different – and the two companies’ collaboration poses a threat to the open web as we know it.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s 2020 explainer on the relationship between these two huge corporations – and why their collaboration has caught the attention of the antitrust sphere.

Credit: Wall Street Journal

In the worlds of search and advertising, Google is the top dog – and through changes to the Chrome browser and online cookies, it threatens to change the shape of the online ecosystem on its own terms, enclosing the open web as we know it.

The Movement for an Open Web represents publishers, advertisers and the interests of consumers in opposing the creeping stranglehold that huge corporations like Google threaten to impose on the internet, stifling competition and building unassailable monopolies.

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Featured image taken by Brett Jordan, licensed for use under the Unsplash License.