Remedies to Platform Dominance: Decentralised data management in the Open Web

Movement for an Open Web (MOW) has submitted a paper to the UK Competition and Markets Authority tackling the topic of data collection and management in the Open Web.

Recent debates around Google’s Privacy Sandbox and Apple’s Private Relay have put the spotlight on user data, how it is handled, and by whom.

MOW has highlighted substantial issues with the way big tech companies are approaching this privacy and data debate, and have joined the call for alternative, decentralised solutions.

Some such solutions have since been the focus of debate – such as data trusts and data stewardships, which are both aimed at empowering end users, which in turn helps to tackle structural and behavioural issues in the market.

MOW has produced a document examining the merits of data trusts, arguing that the trust model would be unlikely to be useful or helpful to enable competition in digital advertising markets.

Instead, MOW proposes a solution in the form of an interoperable remedy in the form of a data stewardship, such as SWAN or Prebid.

You can find the full paper here:

Header Image courtesy of Markus Spiske (Image licensed for free use under the Unsplash License)