WATCH: Big Tech monopolies “snuff out” competition, says Biden’s FTC Chair

Tech corporations like Facebook, Google and Apple have become part of our infrastructure – companies that provide services as fundamental to our daily lives as those we buy our electricity or water from.

We rely on them for our news, contacting family and friends, accessing the internet and even core parts of our jobs – but crucially, we’re not scrutinising the way they act in markets they have come to utterly dominate.

That’s according to Lina Khan, American Legal Scholar and chair of the US’ Federal Trade Commission, who argued in a BBC interview that the enormous power of these tech giants could be bad for competition – and ultimately the consumer.

Speaking on the BBC World Service’s HardTalk, Khan said: “Even when [big tech] services are good for consumers, they can be harming a whole set of other interests, be it workers, be it new business formation, be it democracy at large.”

Watch the full video below.

Credit: BBC HardTalk

Header image: BP Miller on Unsplash (Licensed for use under the Unsplash License)